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By the correct implementation of Vastu in your structures you may acquire not only good Physical health but also good financial health. Vastu Shastra helps you to live a healthy and wealthy life.
Lord Kuber is the god of wealth. To keep Lord Kuber happy and pleased at all times, you should follow some Vastu tips. The Vastu guidelines help and assist you in attracting wealth and money.

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If you follow these guidelines provided by Vastu Shastra, you will surely gain wealth and become rich.

Vastu tips for wealth

- Please keep Cash locker or cash almirah in South or southwest in that way as it opens in the north direction. North is the direction of Lord Kuber. This direction allows Kuber to fill it with money and wealth again and again. Also, avoid placing the cash locker in other directions.

- it would be best if you never placed the cash locker under any beam as it causes much financial stress.

- you may place a mirror in front of your cash locker so that the image of the locker shows in the mirror.

- Always keep the north-east direction of your home neat and clean and free of any clutter.

- Avoid making a staircase in North or north-east.

- Do not keep any heavy item like machinery etc.in the North-East corner.

- Make sure to avoid any high rise building in front of North-East of your home. If it is there, then the shadow of the same should not fall on your structure.

- It is better to plant big and tall trees in the south-west direction of your structure as it stabilizes finance. Do not plant this kind of trees in North-East side as they obstruct financial inflow.

- Make sure to keep the center of your home (Brahmasthan) vacant without any Constructions.

- Repair or replace any leaking taps as soon as possible as leaking of water causes wastage and loss of money.

- You may place a moving water fountain in a north-east direction. Movement of water causes a flow of positive energy and wealth.

- Keep a fish aquarium in the north-east direction of your home. Always keep it clean and aerated.

- Decorate the main entrance of your home beautifully to invite prosperity and wealth to your home. Also lit this area brightly.

- Purple color represents wealth. So try to keep a purple color plant in your home. You may plant a money

- plant also in a purple colored pot to invite positive energy is for the wealth.

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