Overhead Water Tank Vaastu Consultant

Overhead water tank as per Vastu shastra assures that, it will not bring ill effects to the residents. Hence it’s wise to built overhead tank as per Vastu Shastra, to brings benefic effects on the residents

vastu for overhead water tank

Never built the Overhead Tank in the center (Brahma Sthal). Overhead Tank in a Brahms than may bring misfortune If so, replace it as early as possible.

Plastic overhead tanks are not preferable. If so prefer it in black or blue color. Because black or blue color will absorb maximum sun rays.

Vastu Tips for Overhead Water Tank

Following are the important tips for the Vastu for the Overhead Water Tank :

  • - If the overhead water tank is on the West side leaving the Southwest corner, it is O.K. West is Varun Devta’s direction, and he is the rain God. The Overhead Tank on floor level in this direction is permitted.
  • - Never built overhead Tank in the Northeast, as it may bring financial troubles and accidents.
  • - The West or Southwest is best direction for overhead water tank.
  • - Do not build the Overhead Tank on the terrace floor level. If it rests on the terrace floor level, the all weight of the Overhead Tank with water will create tensions on the residents. So, rest the overhead tank on four legs of a minimum 2’ to 3’ hight.
  • - The sun rays will fail first on the Overhead Tank it being the highest part of the house and they will be absorbed in water. Under no circumstances, the Overhead Tank in the South West should leak.
  • - Cover the overhead water tank. Make sure to clean the overhead tanks regularly.
  • - It is better to have separate water tanks for kitchen and bathrooms/toilets

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