Kitchen Vaastu Consultant

In every home the kitchen is one of the most important place. A housewife spends most of her time here. If the kitchen is Vastu compliant, then it improves the health of the woman. On the other hand, if the kitchen in the house is not Vastu compliant, it adversely affects her health as well as the other family members' health. Secondly, It changes the daily routine of the family members.

vastu for kitchen

All the health problems of all the members of the family especially the woman maybe because of the Vastu defects in the kitchen. So it is essential to construct the kitchen of a house according to the Vastu Shastra.

A Vastu expert considers and analyses many factors about the kitchen like its location, a position of different appliances, exterior, interior etc. to make it Vaastu compliant.

Vastu Tips for Kitchen

Following are the important tips for the Vastu for the Kitchen:

  • - Southeast zone of the building is best for making the kitchen. Kitchen in the northwest increases expenditure. On the other hand Kitchen in North gives sickness to ladies.
  • - Avoid making the kitchen in North East zone as it will bring heavy financial losses and mental unrest.
  • - Never make the kitchen under or above a Pooja room, toilet or bedroom.
  • - Make the platform of the kitchen towards the west, east or South but avoid to make it in the north.
  • - The gas stove is perfect in the East zone of the platform. The Face towards the East at the time of cooking.
  • - Make the water arrangement, sink towards the north zone. You can make it in northwest east or West also.
  • - Place the drinking water pot or RO filter in the northeast or Northside.
  • - Keep all the groceries, spices etc. on the south or West side.
  • - Provide the windows in the East and West. Installation of chimneys or exhaust fan is also there.
  • - Place the dining table west side in the kitchen.
  • - Is there is a fridge in the kitchen place it in the south-east, south, west or the north direction?
  • - Clean the platform as well as the floor of the kitchen after finishing the cooking. It is preferred to clean the used utensil before sleeping.

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