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The purpose of office vastu expert is to solve all your queries related to vastu for office by providing the tips for office vastu i.e. What is the right direction according to Vastu for boss cabin? Vastu for office cubicle? Appropriate Vastu colors for office? We give you all possible guidelines as per Vastu for office sitting arrangement. We are having vastu experts for making complete office vastu plan as well as vastu for home office. We serve you in the best way by suggesting you all the Vastu Shastra tips and vastu remedies for success and growth in business.

An office is the heart and soul of every business, that's why office plays a key role in represents a business and brand identity so it is necessary to construct, decorate its interior according to vaastu guidelines prescribed by Vastu Shastra. According to Astro Vastu Delhi the primary objective of an office is to achieve overall success in business, earning the profit and putting an effective control over working staff. A good office is constructed, decorated with the collaboration of good vastu directions which performs everything in a positive way by keeping the good flow of health, wealth, and prosperity and help to make a business successful.

vaastu for office

A vastu complained office cannot give you the right result for a business; it always shows you the negativity in business and this can only be proven by vaastu remedies and Sometimes, We found the people starting their business without consulting a vaastu experts those people do not know the importance of principles of vaastu for office.

Vastu is necessary for home as well as office. Vastu for office which is also equally important, should not only be scientifically suitable but also the furniture arrangement, the direction that boss or employees facing while sitting or seating are also equally significant. What is wrong with the sitting posture? What happened if things are placed in any direction are questions posed by inexperienced people. We have to ignore them. One should be very careful about vastu for office.

An impressive office needs a suitable analysis of correct direction, designing ideas, and the guidelines prescribed as vastu Shastra to make a business success, here we're enlisting some Vastu Tips for Office:

Vastu Tips For Office

  • - The office facing east is thought much plentiful.
  • - Avoid unusual shape of the plot. The best option for office structure is square or rectangle.
  • - The Boss of the business must face north while working or dealing with clients.
  • - Managers or high-level employees in the office must sit southern or western direction so that they face north or east while sitting in the office.
  • - The best suitable directions for executives and employees are facing North or East.
  • - The office reception area is to be designed and constructed in North-east direction.
  • - The sitting area for employees must not under the beam.
  • - Conference Room, Waiting may be constructed in North-west or North-east direction.
  • - The colour theme of the office over the walls must be delightful and bright which do not spread sadness.
  • - You can hang attractive natural pictures on the walls and avoid war or immoral drawing images.
  • - The best direction to construct the Stairs is South, South-west or West. Brahmasthan or Center point should be avoided for stairs in office.
  • - Pooja Room or Temple Area must be constructed in North-east direction of the office.
  • - Offices Washrooms must be built in West or North-western side and avoid the South-east, North-east direction.
  • - Setup, Install Water related resources in the North-East of the Office.
  • - Office pantry must be buildup in South-east direction.

As per vastu consultant of office, the office selected by you must be ideal according to vastu shastra. While designing the layout the design of office we should care about the vastu for office. South-west, south or west part of your home or factory primeses is best for office.
Always remember never put trashes next to the entrance door nor facing direction of office as per principles of vaastu shastra
Now a days toilets and batroom are built within the offices, according the principles of vaastu toilets must be made in the south-west , south or west direction never made it in nort or east direction of building.
Vastu consultation of an office includes an exhaustive investigation so a vastu consultant need to deal with the following focuses while examining the Vastu of the office:

  • - Find the best location for an office in the building.
  • - The exteriors of the office like shape, slope, height, the water level.
  • - The Entrance Direction for office.
  • - Direction and placement of the windows.
  • - The location of the beams in the building.
  • - The location of the basement.
  • - The direction & Location for Boss Cabin.
  • - The placement and direction of the employee's designation.
  • - The direction & placement of the reception.
  • - The location for Air Conditioner, cooler, audio systems.
  • - The direction and location of the stairs.
  • - The direction & placement of the electronic equipment.
  • - The direction & placement of the pantry/kitchen.
  • - The direction & placement of the toilets.
  • - The direction & placement of the seminar and conferences room.
  • - The direction & placement of the water resources.
  • - The colour theme of the entire office.

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