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If you are having a shop then you may earn profits and goodwill by following vastu principle for shop. Your problems related to incurring losses can also be solved if you take the help of vastu consultant for shop. Our experienced vastu consultants for shop in Delhi expertise in solving your queries related to vastu for shop in Delhi. Principles of vastu shastra in shops are applied for the success and growth of business. We are completely ready to provide you guidance as per vastu shastra tips for shops. Our highly experienced qualified vaastu expert in Delhi are capable to suggest you about the vaastu interiors like vaastu colors for shop. All the suggestions will be according to the tips for shop as well as vastu for showroom.

For operating their business people have to establish shops at some suitable place in the towns, villages or colonies. The shop may be one's personal or a hired one. It is advisable to follow principles of Vaastu Shastra for prosperous business running shop or store. Moreover, also make the seating arrangement and settings inside the shops or store as per principles of Vaastu Shastra. Numerous people have been found stating that in spite of hard labor and multiple efforts, such a firm is not doing good business and it is going in loss or failure. Therefore, you must keep in mind the following facts while setting a shop or a business firm, to attain financial gains and also the peaceful mind.

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A shop or a store is the point where a process of sale and purchase of articles or similar transactions take place. According to the principles of Vastu Shastra, the door is considered to be the face of the shop/store.

To maintain positive energy flow in your shop or showroom business ' Astro Vastu Delhi ' vastu experts offer their best vaastu tips to improve your finance by considering existing structures of shops. As per Astro Vastu Delhi vastu consultants god kuber reside in the north direction if the blockage exist in this direction then as vastu principles it's not good for flow of wealth in your shops. Our experts of vaastu shastra in delhi and NCR say's that if it's not possible to remove blockage then place fountain or aquarium in this direction then it's good shop or showroom business.

Vastu Tips for Shop

Its auspiciousness should be understood as follows:

Some useful Vastu Tips for Shops

  • - The owner or the salesperson should sit in the shop or commercial office facing towards East or North.
  • - Gaumukhi shape is not auspicious for Shop or Store for business purpose.
  • - If the breadth of a shop/ store or business firm is more in the front compared to rear, the shape is called Singhmukhi; it is favorable and beneficial for financial gain.
  • - An irregular shape, triangular shape or plot extended at the corners except the NE are inauspicious. It brings loss of money and mental peace.
  • - There should not be a threshold at the entrance of the shop or business concern. Slope towards the door is also inauspicious. It makes the profits uncertain.
  • - Keep the floor of the shop or store neat and clean and even attractive.
  • - It is auspicious to install the idols of Lord Ganesh and Goddess Lakshmi on the right-hand side or in the NE.
  • - Place auspicious symbols such as a Swastik should be marked and 'Shubh-Labh' ' Rddhi-Siddhi' words written on the wall in the shop.
  • - Place cash counter facing north. Never leave Cash box blank or empty.
  • - A tree or pole in front of the shop or store causes Vedh, which is inauspicious. It creates obstacles and troubles in the business; such Vedh is not promising as per Vaastu.
  • - Keep North-East portion of the shop or store light. Place heavy items in the southwest. Make Mandir in the north-east corner

Vaastu Shastra inscribes every field of your general wellbeing starting from health, to relationships and most importantly finances. Having a steady cash flow and investments is crucial to having a good lifestyle and for overall prosperity.

A Vastu compliance shop is constructed with proper orientation, directional method and keeping in mind to design quintessentially for the placement of things like cash counter, placement of shop material. Today more and number of people is running after Vastu guidance to make their shop according to Vastu norms which are believed to bring success and overall peace and economic growth.

Some beneficial Vastu Tips for Shop/Showroom are as follows:

- Owner of the shop must sit according to Vastu and ideally South or West is best so that he/she must face East or North.

- Plot or site of the shop must be in a regular shape such as rectangular or square and avoid irregular or cut property.

- Any irregularity or extension from the wrong direction may bring bad luck, losses in business.

- The entrance of the shop is recommended in East or North-east.

- Do not place deities of Goddess Laxmi and God Ganesha on the right side of North-east corner.

- Cash counter must be installed somewhere so that counter should open towards North and while locker or cash room should be constructed towards South-west opening in North.

- Keep heavy material such as raw material or dumping stuff on the South-west portion.

- Computer, television or other electronic equipment must be incorporated in South-east corner of the shop.

- Make sure the main door and other doors of the shop must not make noise.

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A shop or a store is the point where a process of sale and purchase of articles or similar transactions take place. According to the principles of Vastu Shastra, the door is considered to be the face of the shop/store.

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