Vaastu For Health

The principles of Vastu Shastra deliver harmony, unity, love, peace, success, prosperity and also ensure good health. Behind each Vastu Shastra tip for health, there is a broad precise purpose and therefore it becomes more likely to follow.
A good sleep of 6 to 8 hours is significant for a healthy life. Sleep with your head towards the south for a calm sleep. ( Vastu for Bedroom)

vastu for Health

The staircase may also affect your health. The staircase should not start from Brahmsthana ( center of the house ) as it may lead to health/stress problem.

Staircase Vastu

Keep the brahmasthan (center of the house) empty. Do not place heavy items or furniture there. As it may be essential for the free movement of the energy.

Brahm sthana

Make provision of a temple in the home at NE direction as it brings positive energy into your home, If there is a space problem then place an image of God or any religious symbol in NE direction of your home. Lord Hanuman is the guardian of energy/health. Keep a picture of the Lord Hanuman in your pooja room or anyplace in your home. Simply make certain that it faces towards the south to ensure the good health of the family members. Make sure that no overhead beams are constructed at the center of the house


As these beams may cause stress in mind, and also may bring obstacle in the positive vibes. Place fire elements in the SE direction. Fire is a vital source of energy. Proper placement of fire elements ensures the good health of the family members. The main entrance is significant as anything in home enters through it. Keep the entrance gate neat and clean and clutter free. The main door should open inside to keep the energy inside. Also, make sure that doors should not make noise.

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