Married Life Vaastu

Every individual on this earth needs luck in relationship and romance. Vastu Shastra helps in making the relationship more enjoyable and enables you to develop a healthy and strong bond with your partner. If implemented correctly and accurately Vastushastra can make your love life happy.

vaastu for Brahmasthan

As per Vastu Shastra, some Vastu defects in the home leads to create negative energies at home. All the defects lead to delay in marriage as well as clashes among husband and wife after marriage.

Vastu Shastra and delay in marriage

  • - There are certain Vastu defects that lead to delay in marriage, and you must avoid these defects in your home.
  • - An unmarried girl of marriageable age must sleep in the northwest bedroom if it is not possible then make arrangements in West or south direction for her.
  • - It is better to arrange for a boy of marriageable age to sleep in the northeast or southwest bedroom. If not so then he may sleep in South bedroom.
  • - An unmarried girl must avoid sleeping in the North East and South West bedroom where else a marriageable boy must avoid sleeping in Southeast bedroom.
  • - Avoid underground water tank in the southwest corner.
  • - Avoid a staircase or anything heavy in the center (brahmasthan)of your home.

Vastu tips for a peaceful married life

  • - It is best for the couple to sleep in the southwest or South bedroom. Avoid to make the bedroom of the couple in the south-east and north-east direction.
  • - It is better to use a wooden bed instead of a bed made of metal.
  • - Square or rectangular shape bed is better. Do not use the bed of irregular shapes.
  • - Prefer to use single mattress and quilt on the bed.
  • - Instead of using artificial flowers keep fresh flowers in the bedroom.
  • - Make sure to keep the north-east direction of your home clean and litter free.
  • - Never keep thorny and bonsai plants in the house.
  • - Avoid dark color for the walls of the bedroom. Dull colors like brown, grey etc.are not suitable for a happy relationship.
  • - To avoid any delay in marriage and any obstruction in married life, it is better to live in a Vastu compliant home. Applying the above tips, we hope that you would live a happy married life by maintaining an Unbreakable Bond with your life partner.

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