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Brahmasthan is a unique piece of classical planning based on Vastu Shastra. It is a central part, religious, spiritual, divine, holiest and dominant place of the house, office, industries and what so ever. All the directions meet at the Brahm Sthana (center of the house) and separate positive vibes in all directions of the house. This positive vibe is exceptionally beneficial for living beings of the residents of the home. Brahmasthan is also an important place for factories and industries.

vaastu for Brahmasthan

If you want to experience prosperity, fortune, riches, harmony, and happiness, left open the Brahmasthan and also keep it clean and free of preventing objectives. In classical time, it was common practice to keep a courtyard at the Brahm Sthana (center of the house) which was open to the sky.

How to identify a Brahmasthan

Distribute the land/plot into nine similar parts from North to South and East to West. Now the plot/land is split into 81 similar parts. The nine squares at the middle of plot/land are the area of Brahma Sthan.

Tips for Brahmsthana

  • - Left the place open in the centre of the land. Pooja Ghar or Courtyard can be built at the Brahm Sthana (center of the house).
  • - The exteriors of the office like shape, slope, height, the water level.
  • - Never built Toilets and Bathroom at the Brahma Sthan (center of the house).
  • - The kitchen at the Brahma Sthan not favorable as it may harm health.
  • - Never built staircases at the Brahma Sthan (center of house). It may bring stress and financial instability.
  • - Do not build any pillar at the Brahma Sthan (center of the house).
  • - Do not sleep at Brahma Sthan. Sleeping at the Brahma Sthana ( the center) will mess up the life.
  • - Avoid the beam at the Brahm Sthana (center of house).
  • - Do not build storeroom at the Brahm Sthana.

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